Sunday, June 20, 2021

3D Art III: Portfolio Two Week One

 Redesigning Existing Meshes

I started out trying to just adjust the textures and see how that was looking. I made everything matte and removed any metalness and specularity, since I thought it took away from the stylized look. I also liked the toon shader effect and wanted to see about using that for my display of these.

But I think I still need to work on the textures, and to do that I think I need to add more sculpt information to the props. They've got mostly flat surfaces. I worked on the low-voltage station first, tweaking some of the parts and trying to make its silhouette more interesting.

I also recently had to re-texture the main character, so I'll probably try to use a similar approach to the props. For him, I used ambient occlusion in the diffuse layer, plus the curvature maps to add 'linework' basically to try to emphasize some of his sculpt information. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

3D Art III: Portfolio Two Part Zero


1. Revisiting Props I Made For Capstone

I have a few mechanical props that I made for Capstone that I don't wanna put on my portfolio yet. We had time constraints so I didn't get to refine them as much as I'd like. I'd like to do that for this project.

If possible, I'd like to develop the textures more too and try something hand-painted, like Lei Liao's work.

2. Darksiders Door

3. Darksiders 'Weeping Gorgon'

For both of the Darksiders pieces, I'd be aiming for Darksiders Genesis' artstyle.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

3D Art III: Portfolio One Week Four

 Finishing Game Res/Textures

I struggled a lot with trying to get this all retopologized, and relied on zRemesher for a few of the objects in the model. I was aiming for around 150,000, but my current polycount is 186,562.

First Bake:

(This doesn't really show off the model, but I thought this backlighting looked cool)

I ran into some issues with how I stacked the UVs of the corpses, so I had to re-adjust them so that corpses in similar poses would share UVs.

Textures and real-time render. I'm not super happy with it at the moment, but I'd like to continue working on this on the side, and eventually posing him.

Friday, June 11, 2021

VR: Summer Sprint Two

 Individual Contributions II

This sprint, my goal was to get the game-res versions of the wristwatch and briefcase. I accomplished that, but one thing I still need to do is get the wristwatch adjusted to wrap around the player's wrist and then paint skin weights.

I also made two different versions of the briefcase for baking, since the closed version was going to create some issues with AO maps. I've also got first bakes of the wristwatch.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

3D Art II: Portfolio One Week Three


I'm behind again, but here's a test bake of what I have retopologized, although a lot of it I'm going to have to rework.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

3D Art III: Portfolio One Week Two

 High-Poly Sculpting

Progress on my high-poly sculpting for the hell executioner. I'm actually behind, since I wanted to be doing retopology for this week, but there are a couple elements that I still need to sculpt. The cages have some spikes and chains that I need to add, and some of the corpses have intestines and stuff that are hanging from them that haven't been sculpted. Some of the bodies also have hair, and I'm not sure if I should just sculpt some hair or use hair cards.

My mesh for a tri-part IMM brush that I made for the ropes for the nooses:

Friday, May 28, 2021

Immersive Experience: Summer Sprint One

 Individual Contributions I

Here is a link to our team's semester schedule: Summer Schedule

The assets that I'll be getting done over this semester are:

Sprint One

Player Hand:

The hand was taken from scan data, adjusted to fit the mannequin hand, and skinned. After seeing it in the scene and being used by the player, I'm going to up the resolution when I re-skin it to include the wristwatch.


In the process of high-poly. I aim to have it skinned to the player's hand by the end of Sprint Two. It's based on the Casio DW-240, which came out in the mid-80s, to fit the movie setting better.

Money Case and Money:

Currently has a simple rig and proxy. I've fallen behind on this asset, but should be able to catch up over the weekend.

Briefcase update: better-defined box model of briefcase now made.

Sprint Two

For Sprint Two, I'm continuing with the moneycase and wristwatch, making them game-res and laying out their UVs. I'm also making the hand higher-res and reskinning it to include the watch.

Sprint Three


I went through the MetaHumans on Quixel and found one that I think could look like Javier Bardem in the dark. If I have time, I'd like to change his hair since it's kind of a signature look, but we'll have to see how easy it is to import custom hair cards. I'd also like to find some different clothes for him.

Sprint Four

Ceiling Fan and Window:

The environment assets I'm responsible for. The window pane has the panning textures for the rain, and the ceiling fan has a simple rotation BP.

Sprint Five


This asset is mostly finished, it just needs to be reskinned to the current pillow rig.

Alarm Clock:

More or less 'done' with stand-in textures and a functioning BP, but it's not optimized or detailed. I plan to touch it up during Sprint Five.

Sprint Six

Time left over to make any final adjustments or edits to my assets.